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Educational Wine & Culinary classes

In our courses, you will explore the full range of flavors and master the art of discovering exactly what suits your palate.

Are you familiar with these everyday challenges?

  • Overwhelmed by choice: The feeling of getting lost in a flood of products without clear distinguishing features.

  • Uncertainty in assessing quality: The difficulty in understanding the true value and pricing of similar products.

  • Lack of reliable guidance: The challenge of making the right choice without expert support.

  • Confusion due to unclear product descriptions: The frustration of not knowing what the taste descriptions on labels truly mean.

Our prices

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Wine & Beverage classes

from € 75


Culinary Classes

from € 90

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Private Wine & Beverage classes

from € 90

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Private Culinary Classes

from € 105

Private beverage classes already include snacks and private culinary classes a suiting beverage

Discover the joy of understanding and savoring wine and culinary delights.

An exclusive tasting experience and time saved

Enjoy handpicked wines selected by experts in our tastings while simultaneously saving time in your selection process. Experience how our courses teach you to quickly and confidently choose products that perfectly match your taste. Imagine navigating through every wine section with newfound knowledge and confidence.

Enjoyable learning and unleash your taste senses

Immerse yourself in our innovative courses, where under the guidance of our experts, you'll learn to discern the subtle differences among a variety of flavors. Imagine putting your knowledge into practice and creating impressive wine and food pairings.

Confidence and expertise in the wine and culinary world

Develop a deep understanding and self-assurance in handling wine and culinary products through our courses. Visualize yourself as a confident connoisseur who makes the best decisions in any situation, whether it's selecting wines for a family dinner or providing recommendations to friends.

Becoming a connoisseur of your own taste in 3 steps:


Booking a Ticket or Requesting a Private Course

Choose between booking a ticket for one of our group courses or requesting a private course on a topic of your choice. This is the first step in embarking on your personal journey into the captivating world of flavors. At the moment we only offer English classes as private bookings!


Tasting and learning

In our courses on the selected topic, you will dive deep into the diversity of flavors. Under the guidance of our experienced experts, you'll learn to understand and appreciate the nuances and secrets behind each taste.


Always making the right choice: Develop your taste confidence

With the knowledge you acquire, you'll confidently select wines and culinary products that align with your individual preferences. Develop into a knowledgeable connoisseur and consistently make the right choice for your taste.

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To find what you want, you first need to know what you're looking for.

At the Tasting Atelier, we understand that you want to discover products that align perfectly with your individual taste. However, to find products that match your taste, you first need to explore and identify your own taste within a specific category, such as wine, cheese, or olive oil. If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, any product selection, no matter how small, can feel overwhelming, whether it's the wine or cheese section in a store or a wine list or gin selection at a restaurant.

We believe that the easiest way for you to discover and describe your taste is by having the opportunity to taste the full range of possible relevant flavors in a single setting. Our experts will help you focus on the relevant differences and aromas, teaching you how to name, differentiate, and recognize them. You'll also learn how these aromas are created or based on production methods. This way, even with limited information on a label, you can logically deduce the taste - for a lifetime!

We understand how challenging it can be to put a name to an aroma, so we design our innovative courses based on taste, making it the guiding thread to which we attach all the essential information.

Learning by drinking, and eating


Here are the exact steps on how you can become a connoisseur in just two hours in our courses, through a variety of carefully selected samples:

  • A clear 'What & Why': We provide a structured, logical overview of where the world of aromas in a product comes from and why it tastes the way it does. You'll learn about the factors that truly influence the product, and how and why it was created, forming a clear framework for associating various aromas that follow.


  • Learning by drinking & eating: We taste each specially selected sample, one by one, tailored to your taste, and with each glass or bite, we delve into:

    • How does it taste?

    • Why does it taste the way it does?

    • What is it, and what steps in origin, cultivation, production, or storage processes contribute to this flavor?


  • The common sense: In the end, we create a detailed overview of the framework and the many different aromas. We examine where the similarities and differences lie, which aromas overlap or are closely related, and contextualize the detailed knowledge. This way, you will logically choose the right product for your own taste or other requirements in the future because you'll know what you're looking for, how to differentiate it, and how to find it.

Some of our clients are


and many, many more


We understand that navigating the world of wines and culinary delights can be overwhelming.


Often, you may feel lost in stores, faced with an abundance of options, without clear guidance. Or in a small shop or when dealing with a producer, it can suddenly feel like a sales pitch or product presentation. It's important to remember that we can't fault salespeople for doing their job; that's precisely what they're trained for.

It's not only frustrating when competent guidance is lacking, but also disheartening when it seems like it's all about making a sale rather than catering to your personal taste and specific needs.

At the Tasting Atelier, we take a different approach to selecting wine, because tasting and teaching are our professions. Our approach in teaching you how to be your very own taste-professional is rooted in a deep connection to wine, spirits, olive oil, cheese, and all other beverages and culinary products, with their myriad facets, combined with a desire to share this knowledge in an accessible and personal manner.

Our courses are designed not only to expand your knowledge but also to boost your confidence in dealing with wine and culinary delights. We are not just your consultants or experts delivering a lecture; in our interactive courses, we are your partners on this exciting flavor journey.

Our experts in each respective field take the time to address your individual preferences and provide you with the essential foundational knowledge, so you can feel confident in your choices and decisions even when you're on your own.

Numbers that make us proud



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Top experts from the respective areas who teach for us

over 480

Wines we use for open and private courses

> 820

Participants in open courses


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We have been pouring drinks for over ten years to a wide variety of people with great taste. Most of the time with alcohol, but we also love great non-alcoholic beverages. 


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