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Unveil the Unique Essence of Your Personal Taste

At Tasting Atelier, we're renowned for curating exceptional educational beverage and culinary classes. Our journey began 12 years ago with Italian-born top sommelier, wine educator, and former chef, Melanie Heiss, at the helm.

Behind the scenes, your hosts and teachers are a passionate ensemble of sommeliers, seasoned beverage and food industry professionals, and expert chefs who embrace a shared love for teaching and discovery through tasting. The pandemic ignited our collective fervor, driving us to specialize in private and personalized tastings and classes. We recognize the individuality of your palate, schedule, and interests, steering clear of tourist clichés and ensuring an authentic experience.


Many of us are expats, yet we all possess a deep understanding of Austrian cuisine and wine. Our language-friendly environment welcomes all, regardless of prior knowledge, as we tailor our private classes to your preferences in real-time. Immerse yourself in our Tasting Atelier locales and relish the luxury of having dedicated professionals at your service, ensuring an all-inclusive experience. Is it too good to be true? Not at all! Here, every delicious aspiration becomes a reality. The more unconventional, the more it intrigues us – your satisfaction is our passion!

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Example of prices for beverage and wine classes

  • Private location

  • Private sommelier or sommelier

  • Course Topic & Samples on the topic of choice

  • including appetizers

  • including theme booklet

ab 90,-

  • Private location

  • Private culinary expert

  • Course Topic & Samples on the topic of choice

  • incl. non-alcoholic drinks

  • including theme booklet

ab 105,-

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