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tasting classes

Taste, Stroll, Discover Anew.

After a hiatus of over two years, our Walking Courses are back and better than ever!

Our courses seamlessly blend the city's history into an immersive tasting tour—a true culinary "Walking Tasting Class"!

The expertise of Tasting Atelier in wine, beer, beverages, and culinary arts intertwines with the narratives of local producers and the city itself.

Amble through the alleys, savor the flavors, and piece by piece, unravel why it tastes the way it does. Along the way, you'll effortlessly absorb the history and traditions that tie the city to these products.

Taste, stroll, and embark on new discoveries with the Tasting Atelier experts in wine, beverages, and culinary arts, accompanied by the most charming and knowledgeable certified local guides.

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